Beloved Voice Actor James McCaffrey Dies at 65: Known for ‘Max Payne’ and ‘Rescue Me,’

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Voice Actor James McCaffrey Dies at 65

The great actor James McCaffrey, known for his portrayal of Max Payne in the popular video game franchise and as fireman Junior on the TV show Rescue Me, has passed away.

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This is a massive blow to the entertainment business. McCaffrey’s agent corroborated the news. The actor was 65 years old, and died in his loved ones ‘arms.

His death was said to have been from cancer, specifically multiple myeloma (a form of bone marrow disease.

McCaffrey’s passing has touched many. Cancer took his life, and Rochelle Boström was with him at the end.

She expressed her gratitude that when he took his last breath I was lying next to him and holding closely on to his hand. His passing away is such a devastating blow for so many people.

With his versatile talents, McCaffrey enjoyed a 35-year career on television and in film. His presence graced several notable television shows such as “Sex and the City,” “Law & Order: “Criminal Intent,” Blue Bloods and so on. He particularly moved viewers’ hearts with his role as a New York City firefighter on the FX drama Rescue Me. The show ran for seven seasons until 2011, and McCaffrey played a firefighter killed on September 1.

His television credits may have been impressive, but McCaffrey reached the heights of fame even in that world called video games.

He will be remembered by gamers as the unique voice behind Max Payne, renowned antihero of one of gaming’s most celebrated series.

His performances in titles such as “Max Payne” and “Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne captivated gamers and ensured his place in game history.

And the talent of McCaffrey was not limited to Max Payne. He had a hand in many memorable characters as well.

Fans around the world have praised his ability to bring FBI agent Alex Casey to life in games such as 2010’s “Alan Wake” and its sequel, which is slated for release this year; he has also lenthis voice talents not onlyto other favorites like Control but aloneinthedarkalsobefore.

McCaffrey, surprisingly an admitted non-gamer despite playing Max Payne. In an interview he said, ‘I don’t really get into video games.

When I first did Max Payne, it was six hours a day in the sound booth with about 400 pages of script. However, I’ve never seen it; I’ve never played it and have no interest in doing so. I don’t have the right respect for video games.

As an actor, McCaffrey was not limited to one medium. Onscreen or behind the microphone, he captured audiences and left an indelible impression on a dying industry.

He confessed that his favorite role was playing Jimmy Keefe in the TV series “Rescue Me” (2004-11).

James McCaffrey is survived by his beautiful wife, Rochelle Boström and gifted daughter Tiernan. Family, friends, colleagues in all walks of life and countless fans who appreciated his talent painfully feel this loss.

Those contributions will be forever remembered in the entertainment world. James McCaffrey was a truly great actor, whose deeply felt performances will long remain with us folks at home.

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