Unbelievable! Barbie to Become Warner Bros.’ Biggest Blockbuster Ever-Surpasses ‘Harry Potter’

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Barbie to Become Warner Bros.’ Biggest Blockbuster Ever!

Warner Bros. gambled on the popularity of pink heels rather than its trademark wands and won big. The summer blockbuster “Barbie” has not only won over audiences’ hearts, but it has also become a landmark in Warner Bros.’ extraordinary 100-year climb to the cinematic top of the worldwide box office.

Barbie' to Become Warner Bros.' Biggest Blockbuster Ever
Barbie’ to Become Warner Bros.’ Biggest Blockbuster Ever/Image Source: Google

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As a result of this astounding success, “Barbie” has surpassed the box office gross of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2,” a landmark for the sugary realm.

Comscore estimates that Greta Gerwig’s imaginative take on “Barbie” earned a whopping $767,505, edging out the thrilling end to the popular “Harry Potter” story. By Monday, “Barbie” was expected to have earned a worldwide total of $1,341,854,460, a figure that encapsulates the film’s massive popularity and box office success.

On Monday, Warner Bros. made the joyous revelation that “Barbie” would become the studio’s most financially successful film franchise, surpassing the “Harry Potter” films.

Despite this impressive feat, “Barbie” has yet to break into the top 10 highest-grossing movies of all time, a category dominated by Disney’s Marvel’s Avengers, Star Wars, and Avatar franchises.

Looking back, it’s clear that “Avatar,” a cinematic masterpiece that made an unprecedented $2.9 billion worldwide, is still the top earner of all time.

The 20th Century Fox studio conceived and launched this historic production in 2009; Disney would later acquire it.

The interesting twist here is that CNN’s parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery, also owns Warner Bros. Pictures, the distributor for both “Barbie” and the “Harry Potter” flicks.

Paul Dergarabedian, an experienced analyst at Comscore, reacted on the unexpected trajectory of “Barbie,” noting the unforeseeable global phenomenon that it has become.

He stressed that the coming together of cultural, cinematic, and social media aspects was the spark that set off this meteoric rise to fame.

In the case of “Barbie,” the show’s unexpectedly rapid rise to prominence has far-reaching consequences that might resonate throughout the industry.

Dergarabedian underlined that Mattel, the business behind the popular doll, could potentially benefit greatly from the ripple effect.

In the summer of 2XX, “Barbie” broke record after record, cementing its status as a cultural phenomenon. The box office success of “Barbie” has lately eclipsed that of “Super Mario Bros.” to become the year’s highest-grossing domestic film.

Amazingly, “Barbie” etched its name in this record only 34 days after its initial release.

The “Barbie” storyline kicked off with a bang. The film’s opening weekend domestic gross of $155 million not only cemented its status as the year’s most significant opening weekend, but also established a new record for the largest debut ever directed by a woman.

This success continued as “Barbie” surpassed the 2008 release of “The Dark Knight” to become Warner Bros. Discovery’s highest-grossing domestic film.

The acclaim didn’t end there, though; just three weeks after its release, “Barbie” became the first animated film in history to gross $1 billion worldwide. After correcting for inflation, this places “Barbie” in an elite group of only about 50 films in history.

In addition to the success, Greta Gerwig made history by being the first female director to oversee a $1 billion film.

There is, however, always a bigger fish, as the proverb goes. Late in August, in a stunning turn of events, “Blue Beetle,” another Warner Bros. Pictures movie, surpassed “Barbie” as the highest grossing film in the United States.

Although its domestic debut of $25 million was no match for “Barbie’s” record-breaking totals, “Blue Beetle” was a worthy adversary to the box office empress.

In a culture when blockbusters rule supreme, “Barbie” represents unrivaled triumph as a cinematic masterpiece that has and will always enchant viewers everywhere.

As the protagonist in pink shoes wins over audiences, “Barbie” shows us that the sky’s the limit when it comes to imagination.

Barbie to Become Warner Bros.’ Biggest Blockbuster Ever- FAQs

What is the significance of “Barbie” becoming Warner Bros.’ highest-grossing global release?

“Barbie” achieving the title of Warner Bros.’ highest-grossing global release marks a momentous milestone in the studio’s century-long history. The film has outshone even the iconic “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” in terms of box office earnings. This achievement reflects the remarkable success and popularity of “Barbie” on a global scale.

How did “Barbie” manage to surpass the earnings of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2”?

According to Comscore projections, “Barbie” managed to edge out the earnings of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” by a margin of $767,505. This accomplishment was a culmination of the film’s widespread appeal and box office performance, resulting in an estimated global total of $1,341,854,460 by Monday.

How does “Barbie’s” box office success compare to other top-grossing films of all time?

While “Barbie” has become Warner Bros.’ highest-grossing film globally, it doesn’t secure a spot within the top 10 highest-grossing movies of all time. The list is predominantly dominated by renowned Disney franchises such as Marvel’s Avengers, Star Wars, and Avatar. At the pinnacle of this ranking stands “Avatar,” which remains the highest-grossing film of all time with a staggering global revenue of $2.9 billion.

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