Equalizer 3 Film Review: Denzel Washington’s Best Performance Yet?

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Let us begin Equalizer 3 Film Review. “While “The Equalizer 3” doesn’t have sky-high standards to meet, it might just be the standout in Denzel Washington’s film series.

Instead of clinging to its TV origins, it embraces an old Western formula, channeling the spirit of classics like “Shane.”

This ‘final chapter’ packs more emotional punch while still delivering the satisfying equalization action fans crave.

Denzel Washington, director Antoine Fuqua, and screenwriter Richard Wenk reunite for the third installment, infusing it with a touch of sentimentality.

Equalizer 3 Film Review 
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The film even brings back Washington and Dakota Fanning, reuniting them almost two decades after “Man on Fire,” where he unleashed mayhem to protect her.

This time, we find Washington’s world-weary retired assassin, Robert McCall, practicing his unique brand of vigilantism in Italy. The Mafia conveniently provides him with ample ruthless adversaries to dispatch in his quest for justice.

Equalizer 3″ dives headfirst into action within its opening three minutes, easily justifying its R rating. McCall finds himself wounded and in need of a refuge, leading him to an idyllic seaside village where he’s welcomed by the locals, a feeling he slowly reciprocates.

Much like Shane, the gunfighter portrayed by Alan Ladd in the twilight of his era, McCall contemplates leaving behind his life of violence and settling down.

Unfortunately, the Mafia has sinister plans for the town, forcing McCall to make a choice (though not much of one, given the movie’s formulaic nature) about whether to intervene.

The plot has more layers, including the fallout from the opening brawl and a tip that McCall shares with a young CIA agent (Fanning), helping her piece together a larger, more nefarious conspiracy.

Despite the straightforward template – with Washington exuding quiet strength as the last person any criminal should underestimate, joining the ranks of Liam Neeson’s “Taken” trilogy as a formidable AARP-eligible action star – Fuqua and Wenk ingeniously weave together the narrative threads.

This approach adds emotional depth to the film, even if the central threat and big crime boss (Andrea Scarduzio) feel rather generic.

Releasing nine years after the original movie, with a sequel and a CBS version starring Queen Latifah in between, “The Equalizer 3” might not entirely convince as a “final” installment.

Nevertheless, this latest outing finds a satisfying point to temporarily close the chapter on Robert McCall’s story, keeping things nicely balanced.

“The Equalizer 3″ hits US theaters on September 1st and comes with an R rating.”

Equalizer 3 Film Review- FAQs

Is “Equalizer 3” the best film in the Denzel Washington series?

“Equalizer 3” has been praised for its unique take on the series, embracing an old western formula. Some critics consider it the best installment, while others appreciate its different approach.

How does “Equalizer 3” compare to the previous films in the series?

While “Equalizer 3” maintains the core elements of the series, it adds more emotional depth and resonance to the story. The film cleverly weaves together various plot strands, making it a unique entry in the franchise.

What’s the storyline of Equalizer 3?

“Equalizer 3” follows Robert McCall, a retired assassin played by Denzel Washington, as he takes on the Mafia in Italy. The movie explores McCall’s inner conflict as he balances his desire for a peaceful life with the need to intervene in a criminal plot.

Is “Equalizer 3” suitable for all audiences, or is it primarily for action enthusiasts?

“Equalizer 3” has an R rating, primarily due to intense action sequences and violence. It may not be suitable for all audiences, especially young viewers.

Does “Equalizer 3” offer closure to the character of Robert McCall, or could there be more films in the series?

While “Equalizer 3” is described as a potential conclusion to the Robert McCall story, the possibility of future films in the series hasn’t been ruled out entirely. The movie, however, provides a satisfying endpoint to his character arc

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