Who won US Open women’s final 2023? Coco Gauff’s Epic Comeback Shocks the Tennis World and Seizes US Open Glory

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Who won US Open women’s final 2023

Who won US Open women’s final 2023, In a stunning turn of events at the 2023 US Open, American tennis sensation Coco Gauff, just 19 years old, achieved what seemed impossible at times. Facing off against the formidable second seed, Aryna Sabalenka, Gauff orchestrated an extraordinary comeback to secure her first-ever Grand Slam title. The final score, 2-6, 6-3, 6-2, hardly does justice to the drama that unfolded on the court. [Who won US Open women’s final 2023?]

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Coco Gauff- The Rise of a Tennis Prodigy

Coco Gauff’s journey to this historic moment has been nothing short of remarkable. She’s not your average prodigy; she possesses a unique blend of mental fortitude and emotional maturity that complements her outstanding tennis skills. In this article, we delve into Gauff’s ascent to the pinnacle of the sport and her awe-inspiring victory over Aryna Sabalenka. [Who won US Open women’s final 2023?]

Who won US Open women's final 2023
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Triumph Amidst Trials and Tribulations

Becoming a sporting legend is a Herculean task, filled with trials and tribulations. For Coco Gauff, this journey has been marked by resilience and determination. Her remarkable victory at the US Open is just the latest chapter in a story that began with a painful early exit at Wimbledon.

Setting the Stage: Gauff’s Exceptional Summer

Gauff’s ascent to the top was anything but conventional. She embarked on an incredible summer campaign that saw her win titles at the Washington WTA 500 event and Cincinnati, a prestigious WTA 1000 tournament. However, the pinnacle of her season was undoubtedly clinching the US Open trophy. [Who won US Open women’s final 2023?]

Coco Gauff- Walking in Serena’s Footsteps

Coco Gauff now joins an exclusive club of American teenagers who have conquered the US Open. The last time this feat was accomplished was in 1999 by her idol, Serena Williams. Gauff’s achievement is not only a testament to her talent but also a nod to the enduring legacy of American tennis.

Who Won US Open Women’s Final 2023- Coco Gauff’s Amazing Comeback! Video Credit: Phil Lewis: Twitter

A Streak of Dominance

With 12 consecutive victories and 18 out of 19 wins since her disappointing Wimbledon exit, Coco Gauff’s dominance on the court is undeniable. Her meteoric rise through the ranks positions her to achieve a career-high ranking of No. 3 in the WTA standings, solidifying her status as a rising star in the world of tennis. [Who won US Open women’s final 2023?]

The Pre-Tournament Buzz

Long before the US Open commenced, Coco Gauff was the center of attention. Her face graced advertisements, flyers, and public transport across the city, and her fan base continued to grow. As she entered the court to face her higher-ranked opponent, the crowd erupted in a resounding standing ovation.

A Battle of Forehands

The showdown between Coco Gauff and Aryna Sabalenka was defined by a fierce battle of forehands. Gauff’s incredible defensive skills were on full display as she consistently forced Sabalenka to play one extra shot. While Sabalenka’s winners piled up, so did her errors, particularly on the forehand side.

The Decisive Moment of the First Set

Despite facing adversity early in the match, Gauff refused to back down. The pivotal moment of the first set arrived at 3-2 when Gauff generated two break points. Sabalenka responded with a colossal forehand winner and an ace, holding serve with a triumphant roar to claim the set.

Gauff’s Heroic Second Set

The second set saw Coco Gauff raise the level of her game. She initiated the set with an enhanced serve, earning two solid service holds while the crowd spontaneously erupted in cheers. Gauff’s defense was nothing short of spectacular as she chased down seemingly impossible shots, delivering incredible passing shots and placing the ball in challenging positions on the court.


 Coco Gauff’s triumph at the 2023 US Open is a testament to her exceptional talent, mental strength, and unwavering determination. Her journey to becoming a Grand Slam champion is a story of grit and glory, inspiring tennis fans worldwide. As she continues to make her mark on the sport, the future holds boundless potential for this young American tennis prodigy.

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