Walker Scobell Net Worth 2024, Age, Height, Parents, Movies, Income

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Walker Scobell Net Worth is estimated to be $500,000 as of 2024.

Walker Scobell is a young actor who has quickly risen to fame thanks to his major roles in popular films and TV series. At just 15 years old, Scobell has already built an impressive resume and amassed a small fortune.

He first broke out playing a young Ryan Reynolds in the 2022 sci-fi hit “The Adam Project” on Netflix. Scobell effortlessly channeled Reynolds’ mannerisms and comedic timing, earning widespread praise. Fans affectionately dubbed him “Little Ryan Reynolds.”

Most recently, it was announced that Scobell will star as the title character in the upcoming Disney+ mega-budget series “Percy Jackson and the Olympians.” As the leader of a major franchise, this presents another opportunity to grow his fame and wealth at a young age.

This article will explore Scobell’s background, his rise to fame, current net worth estimates, future career and financial prospects, and personal life details.

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Walker Scobell net Worth / Image Source: Google
Walker Scobell net Worth (image source: Google)

Walker Scobell Wiki, Bio, Fact                    


Walker Scobell
Nickname   Walker
Gender            Male
Date of Birth 06 January 2009
Age15 Years
Birthplace   Louisiana, United States
Currently resides in    Colorado, United States
Zodiac/Star Sign  Capricorn    
Mother’s Name     Heather Melissa  
Father’s Name           Peter W. Scobell
Sister’s Name       Dakota
Net Worth         $500.000, Approx.  
Height4 feet, 10 inches
Weight45 kg, 96 lbs
Instagram    Click Here
FaceBookClick Here
TwitterClick Here
Debut Film          The Adam Project (Released in 2022) (character: Adam)  
SchoolingFairview Middle School

Walker Scobell Parents

Walker Scobell’s parents are Heather Melissa and Peter W. Scobell. He was born in Los Angeles on January 6, 2009.

They now live in Colorado with his older sister Dakota. Walker’s family is part of the military, so they have moved to different places often.

He is currently in seventh grade at Fairview Middle School in Boulder, Colorado.

We don’t know much about his parents because he is still young and becoming famous. But it’s obvious that his family has been very supportive of his career.

Walker Scobell Age, Height and Weight

Walker scobell was born on 06 January 2009, his current age is 15 years. His height is 4 feet 10 inches, and he weighs 45 kg, (96 lbs).

Early Life and Breaking Into Acting

Walker Scobell was born in Louisiana in 2009 to parents active in the U.S. military. Due to his parents’ service, Scobell moved frequently growing up, living in Hawaii, New Mexico, and Utah. 

Key locations he lived in:

  • New Mexico
  • Louisiana 
  • Hawaii
  • Utah


Scobell became drawn to performing at a young age, appearing in elementary school productions. 

Plays and musicals Scobell has mentioned appearing in:

    Charlotte’s Web

    Willy Wonka Jr.

    James and the Giant Peach

After discovering his passion for acting, Scobell convinced his hesitant parents to take him to local auditions. He landed several small commercial gigs before catching the eye of major Hollywood talent agents in 2021.

Soon after signing with talent agency CAA, Scobell was submitted and hand-selected by director Shawn Levy for the coveted role of young Adam Reed (Ryan Reynolds) in the Netflix blockbuster “The Adam Project”.

Walker Scobell Net Worth
Walker Scobell Net Worth (Image Source: Google)

Breakout Role in The Adam Project

The Adam Project marked the first major film role for Walker Scobell, who was only 12 years old when cast. 

He originally auditioned via self-tape from his home in Hawaii before being flown to film his scenes on location in Vancouver amidst strict Covid protocols.

Despite his limited experience, Scobell impressed legendary directors Shawn Levy, Ryan Reynolds, and co-stars Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner with his natural charisma and timing.

Praise Scobell received included:

     “An absolute discovery and revelation” – Director Shawn Levy

     “A mini-Deadpool” – Ryan Reynolds

    ” Wise and talented beyond his years.” – Mark Ruffalo

Upon release, Scobell earned universal acclaim for his performance:

Key reviews and excerpts:

     “The best surprise is Walker Scobell, a young actor who more than holds his own with co-stars Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner” [Collider]

     “Walker Scobell nearly steals the film” [Roger Ebert]

     “A star-making performance” [Indiewire]

Thanks to glowing reviews, Scobell’s breakthrough portrayed what many critics called “a young Ryan Reynolds” and “Deadpool Jr.” This positioned him for more high-profile roles.

Percy Jackson Casting and Future Fame

On the strength of his acclaimed turn in “The Adam Project”, Walker Scobell landed the coveted lead role of Percy Jackson in the Disney+ adaptation of “Percy Jackson and The Olympians.” 

The Percy Jackson franchise has a built-in fanbase from the bestselling Rick Riordan book series, which has sold over 180 million copies worldwide.

Scobell was chosen above roughly 12,000 other boys who auditioned for the role of Percy across months-long global talent searches.

 Key Factors That Landed Scobell The Role

    Approval and recommendation from The Adam Project director Shawn Levy

    Ryan Reynolds also vouched for his talent

    Embodied adventurous spirit and snarky humor of character

    Displayed aptitude for action scenes during rigorous testing

As the face of an ambitious fantasy franchise, the Percy Jackson series provides an ideal vehicle to boost Scobell into true stardom and vastly grow his wealth.

Disney+ recently doubled their budget in response to early footage, indicating they plan to throw the full weight of their promotion and resources behind the show. This bodes well for Scobell’s long-term success.

Walker Scobell Net Worth and Wealth Breakdown at Age 15

Despite only having two major acting credits so far, Walker Scobell has amassed an impressive net worth by age 15.

 As of late 2024, reliable wealth estimates for Walker Scobell are:

    Current Net Worth: $500,000 USD

The vast majority of Scobell’s wealth comes from:

The Adam Project salary is approximately $100,000 

Percy Jackson per episode salary: $35,000

Commercial and advertising appearances: $50,000

Below is a detailed breakdown of his income sources and earnings.

Walker Scobell Net Worth Breakdown

Revenue Source Estimated Earnings
The Adam Project salary $100,000
Percy Jackson per episode rate$35,000
Uber Eats ad $15,000
Disney+ press tour $10,000 
Instagram-sponsored posts $5,000
Total current net worth$500,000

For comparison, this puts 13-year-old Walker Scobell’s net worth on par with the average American at age 60, despite having a fraction of expenses and financial obligations.

Future Career and Wealth Projections

Thanks to his universally praised breakout and fronting a Disney+ mega-franchise in Percy Jackson, Walker Scobell appears poised for a long and prosperous acting career along with immense future earnings potential. 

As early comparisons to a young Ryan Reynolds prove accurate over time and more significant leading roles inevitably arise, we can project Walker Scobell’s net worth rising rapidly in the years ahead.

Walker Scobell Film Career

Lead roles in future blockbuster films could pay 7 figures upfront

Back-end box office bonuses could generate millions more  

Magazine features, modeling gigs, and awards seasons paydays ahead


Potential Future Film Franchises

X-Men (rumored for Young Wolverine)

Spider-Man (as franchise expands into Sony universe)

Young Indiana Jones 

Harry Potter prequel/spinoff

Percy Jackson Earnings 

Multiple seasons/yearly raises are likely to keep Scobell in role 

Will earn over $500k for Season 1 alone (10 episodes)

Salary expected to increase $50-100k per season  

Bonuses tied to viewership milestones  

Social Media and Sponsorships

1.6 million Instagram followers and counting  

Reportedly earns $15-20k per sponsored post

YouTube channel earnings, once activated

In demand for endorsements from age-appropriate brands  

In total, it is extremely realistic for Walker Scobell to have a net worth exceeding $10 million before turning 18 years old.

Personal Life and Other Interests

When not acting, Walker Scobell leads a relatively normal life and enjoys hobbies suiting his adventurous personality.

  • Enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing
  • Walker Scobell is a big fan of the original Percy Jackson books 
  • He Also plays chess, volleyball, hangs with friends
  • Musically inclined: sings, plays ukelele 
  • Practicing stunt training for action-heavy Percy Jackson  
  • Splitting time between Hawaii, Atlanta, Vancouver and LA
  • Close with parents and older sister Dakota  
  • Down-to-earth, humble despite fame and fortune

By all accounts, Scobell is a well-adjusted, kind teenager committed to excelling at his craft, handling early success with maturity.

Fans have quickly come to love his spirit, talent, and social media presence, showing his fun-loving antics and hanging with co-stars.

Walker Scobell Net Worth: FAQs

What is Walker Scobell’s lifestyle like?

Walker Scobell leads an active lifestyle and enjoys spending time with his family and friends when he’s not working on film projects.

What is Walker Scobell’s net worth?

Walker Scobell’s net worth is $ 500,000, he has earned a significant amount from his acting career.

Can you provide a brief biography of Walker Scobell?

Walker Scobell is a talented young actor known for his roles in various film and television projects. He has quickly gained recognition for his acting skills and continues to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

 What are some of Walker Scobell’s interests outside of acting?

Outside of acting, Walker Scobell enjoys Walker Scobell is a devoted enthusiast of the original Percy Jackson books and is also engaged in activities such as chess, volleyball, and spending time with friends. He possesses musical talents, showcasing his singing and ukulele-playing abilities.
Currently, he is honing his stunt training skills for the action-packed role in Percy Jackson. Juggling his time between Hawaii, Atlanta, Vancouver, and LA, Walker maintains close relationships with his parents and older sister, Dakota.
Despite his fame and fortune, he remains down-to-earth and humble, showing his diverse range of hobbies and passions.

How has Walker Scobell’s career evolved over the years?

Walker Scobell’s career has seen significant growth and success, with each new project allowing him to showcase his versatility and talent as an actor.

What can fans expect from Walker Scobell in the future?

Fans can look forward to seeing more of Walker Scobell’s work in upcoming film and television projects as he continues to establish himself as a promising young talent in the entertainment industry.

Is Walker Scobell currently in a relationship or is he single? 

Based on the available information, Walker Scobell is not currently dating anyone. Born in 2009, the 15-year-old actor is rapidly making a name for himself in Hollywood. His acting career took off in 2020 when he portrayed a young Ryan Reynolds in the popular Netflix film, “The Adam Project.


“Walker Scobell net worth” In summary, Walker Scobell has rapidly ascended to a remarkable level of fame and financial success within a mere few years of his professional acting career.

His breakthrough moment can be attributed to his outstanding and scene-stealing performance in “The Adam Project.” This project not only showcased his exceptional acting prowess but also catapulted him into the spotlight, garnering widespread recognition and acclaim from audiences and industry professionals alike.

Walker’s ability to captivate viewers with his talent has translated into significant achievements, marking him as a rising star in the entertainment industry.

His journey reflects a commendable trajectory, emphasizing the promising future that lies ahead for this young and accomplished actor.

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