Shocking News: Ryan Minor passed Away, Baseball player Baltimore Orioles

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Ryan Minor passed away, Baseball player Baltimore Orioles, Ryan Minor, a baseball player for the Baltimore Orioles, passed away on Friday at the age of 49. He was known for taking over Cal Ripken’s position after Ripken set the record for playing the most games in a row.

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Ryan Minor Passed Away

Ryan’s twin brother, Damon, shared some really sad news. Ryan had been fighting against cancer for a long time, and even though he was very brave and tried really hard, he couldn’t win the battle. Finally, he succumbed to cancer.

Damon wanted everyone to know that Ryan was an amazing twin brother, and they were very close. Damon and their family are grateful for all the prayers and help they received from others. They also said “BOOMER SOONER,” which is something special to them.

In 1996, Minor joined the Orioles baseball team. Two years later, he got a chance to play in the big leagues.

Then, just a week later, something really important happened. It was the last game the team was playing at their home stadium for the season. One of the team’s star players, Ripken, decided to stop playing after 2,632 games in a row.

And guess what? Minor got to be part of that special game. He played at a new position called third base, which he had never played before.

He didn’t even know it was going to happen until he got to the baseball park.

A young person played baseball for a few years with two different teams, the Orioles and the Montreal Expos. They got to play in a lot of big league games, a total of 142 games.

“We are deeply saddened by the passing of former third baseman and longtime minor league manager Ryan Minor, who bravely battled cancer,” the Orioles said in a statement to X. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ryan’s family and friends.” ”

Last summer, a baseball player named No. 44 did really well for a team called the Delmarva Shorebirds.

He hit a lot of home runs and became very important to the team. He even became a manager for the team later on.

They liked him so much that they decided to retire his jersey number.

The Shorebirds team is very sad because he passed away. They are sending kind thoughts and feelings to his family and friends.

Minor went to a school called the University of Oklahoma. He was really good at playing baseball and basketball there.

In baseball, he helped his team win a big competition, and in basketball, he was named the best player in his league.

Minor was really tall, about 6-foot-6, and he scored a lot of points in basketball. After college, he was chosen by two professional teams, the Philadelphia 76ers and the Orioles.

The school’s sports department thought Minor was really good at two different sports.

The Sooners said that they are thinking about and praying for Ryan’s family. They hope that Ryan can be peaceful now.

The Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame said that Minor will be added to their group of honored people in 2024.

His wife, Allyson, and their two daughters are still alive, the University of Oklahoma Athletics Department said.

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