Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Net Worth 2023, Wiki, Bio, Age, Career, and Relationship: All You Need to Know

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People are very curious to know Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Net Worth,  If you’ve been following American politics, you’ve likely heard of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Also known as AOC, she is a popular American politician and member of the Democratic Party. Born in New York City, AOC has risen to fame for her progressive political views and strong stance on social justice issues. 

She has become well-known for more than simply her views; her personal narrative has also contributed to this. She has direct knowledge of the difficulties encountered by many Americans because she was raised in a working-class household and experienced financial difficulty. Many people find her relatable because of her openness to talk honestly about these experiences, and this has strengthened the bond between her and her followers. Despite confronting several challenges, 

In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez net worth in 2023, including her wiki, bio, age, career, and relationship, just about anything you need to know of her.

Alexandria ocasio cortez net worth/ Image Source: Google
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Net Worth/ Image Source:Google

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Facts

In addition to her career and net worth, many people are interested in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s personal life. AOC is known for being a private person and doesn’t share much information about her personal life in the media. However, here are some basic facts about her wiki and bio:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Net Worth in 2023$5 Million
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Salary $1,75,000 yearly salary
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez PartyDemocratic party
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Real Name Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Short NameShe is also called as – AOC
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Birth DayOctober 13, 1989
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Place of BirthThe Bronx, New York City
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ParentsMother- Blanca Ocasio-Cortez
Father- Sergio Ocasio-Roman
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez SiblingsGabriel Ocasio-Cortez- (Younger Brother)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Age34 Years
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Height5 foot 4 inch (162.5 cm)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Weight56 Kgs (123.45)lbs
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez NationalityAmerican
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez EthnicityPuerto Rican
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez OccupationPolitician, Social worker
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez InstagramClick Here
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez TwitterClick Here
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez FacebookClick Here
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Alexandria Ocasio Cortez  net worth
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Net Worth/ Image Source:Google

Who is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Let’s start with a quick overview before we get into the intricacies. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took birth in The Bronx, New York City, on October 13, 1989. She is of Puerto Rican heritage and was raised in a low-income home. AOC pursued the subjects of economics and international relations at Boston University. She worked as a waiter and a barman after graduation to earn her livelihood before beginning her political career.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Party

there are two major contemporary political parties in the USA, one is the Republican Party and the other is Democratic Party. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez belongs to the Democratic Party. She is the youngest woman member ever to be elected in the US congress.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Parents

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the daughter of Puerto Rican parents. Blanca Ocasio-Cortez, her mother, was born in Puerto Rico and raised in the Bronx, New York. Sergio Ocasio-Roman, her father, was born in Puerto Rico and eventually relocated to America. Alexandria’s background was described as working-class, with her parents working hard to care for her and her brothers.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Siblings

Gabriel Ocasio-Cortez is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s younger brother. She has frequently remarked about her strong friendship with him and his backing for her political career. Gabriel also assisted Alexandria’s 2018 campaign by working as her cameraman and documenting her path to  the United States Congress.

Alexandria ocasio cortez net worth
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Net Worth/ Image Source:Google

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Career

AOC entered politics in 2018 when she campaigned for Congresswoman in New York’s 14th congressional district. Her campaign emphasized income disparity, accessible housing, and health care for all. Given the fact that AOC was a somewhat obscure politician at the time, her campaign garnered substantial recognition and backing from leftist voters.

AOC won the general election in November 2018, becoming the youngest woman ever elected to the United States Congress. She has been an outspoken supporter of progressive ideas and social justice concerns since then. AOC is well-known for her outspokenness on topics like the effects of climate change, reforming immigration, and criminal justice reform.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s meteoric journey to political stardom has been nothing short of astounding. AOC wasted no time in making her views heard after clinching the vote in the general election and being the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. She immediately rose to prominence as a supporter of progressive politics and social justice concerns, utilizing her position to campaign for concerns such as climate change, immigration reform, and criminal justice reform. 

AOC’s zeal and determination have gained her a loyal following among progressives, who view her as a strong voice promoting change in a political system that frequently appears to be averse to improvement. Despite severe scrutiny and opposition from some places, AOC has maintained her resolve to fight for what she stands for. 

Her unrelenting resolve and courage to speak the truth to power have inspired many, and there is little question that she will be a positive presence in American politics for many years to come.

Who did Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeat in the Election

At the age of 29, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeated Republican party candidate and political heavyweight Anthony Pappas in the general election in November 2018 to become the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. 

What was the vote share when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeated Anthony Pappas 

With a vote share of 78.2%, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeated Republican Anthony Pappas in the general election for New York’s 14th congressional district. Pappas garnered 13.8% of the vote.

Alexandria ocasio cortez net worth
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Net Worth/ Image Source:Google

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Net Worth

Given her growing popularity and political success, a lot of people are interested in learning how much money Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez makes. AOC’s net worth is reportedly estimated to be approximately $5 Million per CA Knowledge. It’s crucial to keep in mind that this amount is based on her earnings before to joining Congress and does not reflect her current compensation as a member of Congress.

AOC receives a $1,75,000 yearly salary, per CA knowledge, as an elected member of Congress. She also wrote the best-selling memoir “The Courage to Change,” which is probably how she makes extra money. Overall, it’s reasonable to conclude that in the years since she was first elected to Congress, AOC’s net worth has grown considerably.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Height

The youngest woman ever to enter in US congress  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s height is approximately 5 foot 4 inch (162.5 cm).

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Weight

She has a clean body without great abs etc. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s weight is approximately 56 kgs (123.45)lbs

Alexandria ocasio cortez net worth
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Net Worth/ Image Source:Google

Who Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Husband

Many people are curious about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s personal life in addition to her professional life and wealth. AOC is renowned for being a quiet individual who rarely discusses her personal life in the public. Speaking of relationships, a lot of people are unsure about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s romantic situation at the moment.

AOC is presently single But last April she was engaged to Riley Roberts, per Insider. Yes guys, very soon AOC is going to marry Riley Roberts, she tweeted, ” It’s true, guys! thankyou all for the good wishes!” Riley Roberts is a web designer, and he is also the owner of the consulting company called The Riley UX.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Achievements

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made a number of important contributions since being elected to Congress. Just a few highlights are as follows:

  • Supporting member of the Green New Deal AOC is a vociferous supporter of combating climate change and co-sponsored the Green New Deal, which attempts to do so by enacting significant legislative reforms.
  • The Congressional Accountability Act of 1995 Reform Act, which makes it simpler for victims of sexual harassment in Congress to report incidences, was initiated and helped pass by AOC.
  • Raised awareness of economic inequality: AOC has been an outspoken supporter of measures to lessen it, such as raising the minimum wage and taxing the wealthiest more heavily.
  • AOC has pushed for immigration reform and a route to citizenship for illegal immigrants. AOC has been a vocal proponent of immigration reform.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Questioning Micheal Cohen

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was one of the lawmakers that questioned Michael Cohen, the former president Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, during his appearance before the House Oversight Committee in February 2019.

Alexandria probed Cohen during the hearing on a number of topics, including as Trump’s participation in payments of hush money to women, his apparent conflicts of interest, and his financial records. Her straightforward questions and stern demeanour attracted a lot of attention from viewers and plaudits, solidifying her position as a strong force in Congress.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Documentary

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and several other women who campaigned for office in the 2018 midterm elections were featured in the Netflix documentary “Knock Down the House” in 2019. From her grassroots campaign in the Bronx to her historic triumph in New York’s 14th congressional district, the movie recounts Alexandria’s journey as a first-time candidate.

The inspirational depiction of women in politics and their efforts to confront the political system in the documentary has received high appreciation. A new generation of young people has been encouraged to enter politics as a result of Alexandria’s ascent to national prominence and her progressive policy initiatives.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Quotes

“I’m used to being on my feet 18 hours a day. I’m used to receiving a lot of heat. I’m used to people trying to make me feel bad. They call it ‘working’ in the service industry.” – From a 2018 interview with Vogue.

“We should not be haunted by the specter of being automated out of work. We should be excited by that. But the reason we’re not excited by it is because we live in a society where if you don’t have a job, you are left to die. And that is, at its core, our problem.” – From a 2019 SXSW speech.

“If you don’t have a seat at the table, you’re probably on the menu.” – From a 2019 interview with The New Yorker.

“Climate change is going to be the most pressing security issue for our country, if not the world, in the next decade. And it’s something that we’ve already seen in the past year and that we’ll continue to see. It’s not just going to be bad, it’s going to be catastrophic.” – From a 2018 interview with The Intercept.

“We don’t have to accept a world where millions are homeless and without healthcare, nor do we have to accept a world where corporations write our laws. We don’t have to accept a world where the environment is destroyed for profit. We can create a world that prioritizes people, the planet, and peace.” – From a 2021 tweet.

Alexandria Ocasio-CortezFrequently Asked Questions

How old is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was born on October 13, 1989, which makes her 33 years old.

What is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s net worth?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, AOC’s net worth is reportedly estimated to be approximately $5 Million per CA Knowledge.

What is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Profession

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a politician and member of the Democratic Party. She currently serves in the United States House of Representatives.

Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez married?

No, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is currently single and not married. But she is engaged and very soon she is going to be married.

Who is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Husband

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is engaged and soon she is going to be married to a gentleman called Riley Roberts.

What has Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez achieved?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has achieved a number of notable accomplishments since being elected to Congress, including co-sponsoring the Green New Deal and passing legislation to combat sexual harassment.

What is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s stance on immigration?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a strong supporter of immigration reform and has advocated for a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s net worth is still growing in 2023 as she receives support from influential groups to solidify her wins in the US Congress. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a rising political star in the US, has made a name for herself as a steadfast supporter of liberal viewpoints and social justice movements.

Even while AOC’s net worth may not be as high as some other politicians, it is clear that her influence and power go well beyond her own wealth. Whether you agree with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s political stances or not, she is a powerful political force in the United States.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become a symbol of hope for many Americans who are disillusioned with the current political system. Her commitment to social justice and progressive policies has earned her a devoted following, despite facing criticism from some quarters. 

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