Baker Mayfield’s most shockingly daring moves: Baker Mayfield Unleashes Unpredictable Power With Nothing to Lose!

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Baker Mayfield’s most shockingly daring moves. The Carolina Panthers released Baker Mayfield on December 5 of last year.

Baker Mayfield's most shockingly daring moves
Baker Mayfield’s most shockingly daring moves/ Image Source: Google

What are some of Baker Mayfield’s most shockingly daring moves?

  • Mayfield’s decision to demand a trade from the Cleveland Browns after 4 seasons with the team.
  • His willingness to waive his no-trade clause to go to the Carolina Panthers, even though they were not considered to be a Super Bowl contender.
  • His decision to play through a shoulder injury in the 2022 season, even though it limited his mobility and accuracy.
  • His willingness to speak out against the Browns’ front office, even though it could have damaged his reputation.
  • His decision to bet on himself and sign a 2-year contract with the Browns in 2022, even though he was coming off a disappointing season.

On 6th of December 2022, he was signed by the Los Angeles Rams. After losing the Super Bowl, the “F- them picks” Rams entered the 2022 season with a severely weakened team. After a 24-10 victory over Carolina, they went into their bye week with a 3-3 record.

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After Matthew Stafford’s injury, the team was struggling to find success with quarterbacks John Wolford and Bryce Perkins.

Mayfield must have impressed them enough in Week 6 for them to trade for him on Tuesday and start him Thursday against the Las Vegas Raiders.

And Mayfield came through. On Wednesday, he had a brief practice with the Rams after flying across the country.

On Thursday, he led a game-winning drive while passing for 22 of 35 and 230 yards. After LA’s 17-16 victory, Mayfield stated, “I don’t know if you could write it any better than that.”

“We could use a little less tension, but it’s a pretty damn good story,” they said.

A quick learner, as Sean McVay, the Rams’ head coach, put it. He arrived only five minutes ago, but already he’s devised a plan to pull off some impressive feats tonight.

Fun faded quickly. The following week, Green Bay had a victory over Los Angeles. Los Angeles blew out Denver by 51 points (a final score of 14–51) the following week, but then lost their next two games.

Only in the game against Denver did Mayfield’s quarterback rating get above 60, and he never threw for more than 230 yards.

Rams’ final record was 5-12. Mayfield became a free agent and ultimately chose to play with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Head coach Todd Bowles of the Buccaneers announced on Tuesday that Mayfield would start in Week 1 against the Vikings.

“I expect to be the starter,” Mayfield said after hearing the news. You can’t tell me I’m not talented. My leadership style is clear to me. The time has come to begin the actual event.

Mayfield may never have another chance to start at quarterback at this level.

Every quarterback in Cleveland Browns history has a tale to tell. Tim Couch struggled because of the offensive line’s performance.

Brady Quinn had a promising professional future after his time at Notre Dame, but his potential was never completely realized in the NFL.

In the NFL, Johnny Manziel wasn’t Johnny Football because of his struggles off the field. Ultimately, Cleveland did not choose the ideal quarterback in the draft. Last year, they made Deshaun Watson their starting quarterback after acquiring him in a trade.

Baker Mayfields most-shockingly daring moves
Baker Mayfields most-shockingly daring moves/ Image Source: Google

However, things seemed different in Mayfield’s case. The former first-overall choice, who stood at 6 feet and one inch, possessed guts.

He was a Progressive commercial sensation and Heisman Trophy winner. He was the Browns’ leader when they made the playoffs in his third year and was the runner-up for Rookie of the Year.

In 2020, they went 11-5 and advanced past the first round, when they defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers. That was Bill Belichick’s first coaching victory in the postseason, and it was Cleveland’s first postseason victory since 1994.

Mayfield’s fifth-year option was picked up by the Browns, and he ended up playing hurt in 2021. After the Browns acquired Watson, his production dropped and he requested a trade.

Following his trade from the Browns to the Panthers, he battled fellow quarterback Sam Darnold for the starting position. Mayfield seemed like he would thrive in North Carolina.

He had Christian McCaffrey in the backfield, D.J. Moore and Robby Anderson on the outside as wide receivers, and the starting job. The NFC South was hardly an insurmountable division. Maybe he just got lucky with the circumstances.

Mayfield, though, sprained his ankle severely in Week 5. When he returned the following week, he was the backup to third-stringer P.J. Walker.

Mayfield began Week 11 and appeared in a Week 9 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. However, the Panthers sent McCaffrey to the 49ers in exchange for Darnold, who started the next game.

During the Panthers’ bye week in Week 13, Mayfield requested his release.

Carolina complied, and the Rams signed Mayfield. Despite Stafford, 35, led the Rams to a comeback victory over the Vegas Golden Knights, the team has decided to keep him this season.

Mayfield had to beat out Tampa’s 2021 second-round pick at quarterback, Kyle Trask, in training camp to earn the starting job.

He inherits a Buccaneers club without Tom Brady that many experts predict will finish last in their division.

Mayfield’s last chance at being a regular starter in the NFL may be with the Buccaneers, but nobody is expecting much from them.

If Mayfield can keep the Buccaneers competitive in a poor division, he should be able to keep his job for another season. Even though ESPN only gives the Vikings a 70% chance of beating the Buccaneers in Week 1, that game is crucial for their playoff hopes.

On Thursday of Week 2, they’ll travel to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles, and in Week 3, they’ll face off against Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers.

Following that, they’ll visit the Carolina Panthers to take on Adam Thielen and Bryce Young and the rest of the team before hosting Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Mayfield has nothing to lose if the Vikings don’t win their season opener. It would still have a significant impact on Minnesota’s season if Mayfield were to repeat his performance from last year and have a good week, only to regress the following week.

While the Vikings may easily ignore Mayfield’s Week 1 start for Tampa Bay, they can’t afford to think about Week 2 against the Eagles.

Since his 2020 season, Mayfield’s value has decreased. Even if it’s only for a week, he can still cause trouble.

Baker Mayfield’s most shockingly daring moves: FAQs

Why are Baker Mayfield’s moves considered to be daring?

Because they are risky and could backfire. For example, if Mayfield does not perform well with the Browns in 2022, he could damage his reputation and make it more difficult to find a new team in the future.

What is the potential upside of Baker Mayfield’s moves?

If Mayfield plays well in 2022, he could silence his critics and prove that he is a franchise quarterback. He could also earn a big contract in free agency after the 2022 season.

What is the potential downside of Baker Mayfield’s moves?

If Mayfield does not play well in 2022, he could damage his reputation and make it more difficult to find a new team in the future. He could also lose money on his contract if he is released or traded.

What are some of the factors that will determine whether Baker Mayfield’s moves are successful?

His health: Mayfield will need to stay healthy in order to play at a high level.
The Browns’ offensive line: The Browns will need to improve their offensive line in order to give Mayfield time to throw the ball.
The Browns’ receiving corps: The Browns will need to add more weapons to their receiving corps in order to take pressure off of Mayfield.
Mayfield’s own development: Mayfield will need to continue to develop as a quarterback in order to be successful.

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